Jerry Brown’s Video Resume

By Jerry Brown, APR
Public Relations Counsel

I committed journalism for 20 years. Been practicing public relations longer than that. Plan to keep practicing until I get it right.

If you’ve done the math, you may be thinking:  “This guy must be really . . . experienced.”  Yes, I am.  And it’s top tier experience — three daily newspapers, including five years with the Rocky Mountain News; seven years with The Associated Press, five of them in Washington, D.C.; and 17 years on the corporate PR staff of U S WEST (now Qwest).

I’d welcome the opportunity to put my experience, judgment and skill to work for you. Why should I hire me? Here are five reasons:

  • Experience, judgment and skill matter. I have years of solid, top-tier experience in both public relations and journalism. And I’m better than ever at what I do.
  • Because of the breadth of my experience, I do a lot of things and do them well. A lot of PR people offer some of what I do, but there aren’t many of us who offer it all.
  • I’m an exceptionally good writer.
  • I’m an excellent PR strategist.
  • I’m enthusiastic about my work. I enjoy it and get energy from it.

At U S WEST, I increased the scope and effectiveness of every job I held. I headed a 14-state news desk that increased media coverage of the company’s products of services by several orders of magnitude. I was chief speechwriter for two phone-company presidents and U S WEST’s CFO. I got my first speechwriting assignment less than a year after joining U S WEST because of my writing skills. The editor of U S WEST’s company magazine sought me out as a contributor because he knew the articles I submitted would require minimal editing.

I maintain an active presence on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, write two blogs and maintain my own website ( Click on the video image at the top of this posting to view my video resume.

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