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Rock Barbers, the last barber you’ll ever need

Monday, January 31st, 2011

By Jerry Brown, APR
Public Relations Counsel

I did this video for Rock Barbers of Louisville, Colorado.  I hope you’ll check it, and them, out.  You’ll be doing me a favor if you check out the video.  You’ll be doing yourself a favor if you check them out.

Rock Barbers is “the last barber you’ll ever need.”  They say so right on their website.  That’s because they rip all of your hair out by the roots and seal the holes shut with non-biodegradable super glue, which gives you a permanent Bruce Willis / Michael Jordan look.

Well, okay.  That’s not true.  They’re the last barber you’ll ever need because they’re so darned good at what they do.  Adrienne — she’s the one performing the shave on the video — has been cutting my hair since before it all turned gray.  Unless she wins the lottery and retires prematurely, she’s definitely the last barber I’ll ever need.

I can’t vouch personally for the rest of the crew.  But, from the reactions I’ve overheard when I’ve been in Rock Barbers, I think they all do a really good job.

The video’s an example of the kind of video I do for clients.  I’m not a professional videographer.  I am a professional storyteller.  And have been for a long time.  Will a professional videographer produce better video?  You bet.  But you’ll pay them a few thousand dollars for something I’ll do for a few hundred.